Winning Cultures

Winning culture is at the heart of great organizations.

Culture -- the collective shared beliefs and values that, in time, become customs, mindsets, and social behaviors.  Once behaviors become assimilated, they become "truth" -- the way to be.  And, all too often we humans are blind to strengths and weaknesses of the cultures we are embedded in.   

At the heart of great organizations are leaders who adopt these practices around culture:

  • Focus on creating customer value and results.
  • Ensure that your company's culture reflect the best of what you offer.
  • Honor the past, talk realistically about the present and focus people on future possibilities.
  • Balance the organization's attention to internal and external affairs.
  • Figure out the right balance between organizational flexbility and organizational stability.
  • Understand that acting as individuals people move fast, but acting as a group, they move far.

Is your organization ACTION-oriented?

     Does it have a strong valence toward:

  • Achievement?
  • Creativity?
  • Teamwork?
  • Integrity?
  • Ownership?
  • Networks?

An ACTION-orientation promotes morale, productivity and engagement. 


To achieve meaningful culture change requires an evidence-based tracking system. 

We use a web-based tool with a proven track record for aligning culture with ROI, ROA, ROE, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and sales growth. 

Culture and Innovation are Tightly Linked

Culture drives results.   "...focused innovation strategy, winning overall business strategy, deep customer insight, great talent, and the right set of capabilities to achieve successful execution. More important than any of the individual elements, however, was corporate culture in tying them all together."  

Booz and Company, Global Innovation Study


Winning Cultures Workshop 2017
In-house customized workshop that gives leaders insights on the opportunities for the organization's culture.

Winning Cultures 2017 provides leaders with a rich set of insights regarding the connection between a great productive organizational culture and ROI, Market Share and Sales Growth, Financial Performance, Quality and Employee Satisfaction, Product and Service success, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction. 

Growth Mindsets Create Growth Cultures

Organizational cultures marked by Growth Mindsets that emphasize customer engagement, learning, taking risks, innovation, challenging the status quo, teamwork, and empowerment succed.  Defensive cultures, marked by commitments to the status quo, fear of change, emphasis on seniority, and hierarchy languish.  

The Link Between Culture and Life

Winning Culture:  Life or Death?  Yes. Researchers compared hospitals in the top 5% and bottom 5%, measured by the proportion of patients still alive 30 days after having a heart attack.  They found the presence of a “strong organizational culture” was associated with variances in death rates of as much as 9.5 percentage points.